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Tired of answering millions of wedding-related questions every day? Well worry no more, wedding websites are hotter than ever these days. With the help of one of numerous personalized wedding website creators, like Engagepage.com, you and your intended could have a killer site up and running in no time. In the age of going green, these websites offer a convenient and paper free way to disseminate news, tips, and specifics to your guests.

As well as sharing wedding details and information, many couples use this as a portal to share their love story and journey to the alter by writing in diaries and blogging.

These websites can be as simple or complex as you so choose. Having a small wedding? Customize a few tabs like “our story” and a wedding registry to get the job done. Perhaps a larger wedding suits you two more? Well, add all the bells and whistles such as online RSVP forms or a guest book where guests can post a message. Not so tech-savy? Many of these websites offer templates and step-by-step guides to personalize your wedding website.

Although this is a great idea, it can cost you a few pretty pennies to create a truly fabulous wedding website. Many paid services offer free trials - take advantage of this to see if the site will provide everything you need. Below are some sites that we enjoy:

WeddingChannel.com :: Free                                          
Couples who want a quick and easy site

WedPageDesigns.com :: $29.95 for 18mos.              
Those on a budget who want a few more perks

WeddingWindow.com :: $79 for 12mos.
Modern couples who appreciate the extras          

After choosing the perfect site, personal touches such as including a brief story about you and your fiancé and casual snapshots are a must. And don’t forget, this is a fun activity to include your sweetheart on!