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Most larger venues – banquet halls, hotels, etc – have an employee whose job it is to work with bridal couples. They are there to help you make choices associated with the venue, and then make sure all runs well at the venue on the wedding day. Often, this person sports a title like, ‘On-Site Coordinator,’ or ‘Event Manager.’ These titles are misleading, however, to bridal couples who assume that by booking that venue, they now have a Wedding Planner.

This simply isn’t true: the venue’s employee works for the venue, and their first priority will be to make sure everything the venue is responsible for happens smoothly. When you have questions in the months leading up to your wedding, it isn’t their responsibility to come up with answers. If on your wedding day your dress tears, you forget the toasting glasses, or the floral arrangements arrive all wrong, the venue’s coordinator may not be able to help. Not that they won’t care – and many, if time permits, will do their best to be of assistance in these emergencies. But, ultimately, those things just aren’t their problem. They will be busy making sure the room is set right, the bars are stocked properly, and the kitchen is on schedule. So, don’t assume that you’ll be able to lean on your venue’s staff for extra help. No matter how much they might want to, often, they simply can’t: it’s just not in their job description.

(And, to those who say, “but, I’m paying a lot of money for this venue – they are working for me!” True, to a point – your event’s fees will cover a portion of the on-site Coordinator’s salary this week. But, they will still be there next week, another event will be in that room, and their paycheck will still have the venue’s name on it. Their final loyalty and responsibility must lie with their employer.)

So, if you want someone to be there on your wedding day who will be focused on you and making everything run smooth-as-silk – hire a Wedding Planner.

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Integrity. We talk a lot here at L'Evento about how our professionals are all pre-screened. That's because we truly do want every client who comes to us for assistance to receive the best possible service. We depend on each of our independent vendors to provide that stellar service, and most of the time, they come through with flying colors, and more.

Sometimes, people and businesses miss the mark. They fall short of expectations. Sometimes we're lucky enough to have this happen before the event, so that there is time to make a change. Sometime, disaster strikes.

What to do? Insurance? Maybe - but if a vendor flakes out on the day of the wedding and doesn't show, there may be no one available to fill-in, no matter how much insurance you have. Use only vendors from the Venue's list? Perhaps; those are probably people who have worked at that site before - a good thing - but that does nothing to ensure their level of professionalism.

This is why we screen each of the Professional Members at L'Evento. We also monitor them, making sure they continue to provide excellent service. Because, ultimately, their reputation is completely tied up with ours. If a vendor you select from L'Evento's membership messes up, we're just as much responsible, and that's exactly how we feel.

It's not about liking someone - it's business. And, it's your event on the line. We cannot allow the success of that to be at risk. Please know that we are always looking out for our clients, to make sure you receive the utmost in service.

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What are you doing to educate yourself as a business owner this year? I realize we're in the thick of the busy season here in Indiana, so many of you aren't thinking about working ON your business at all just now - only keeping up with everything already on the books, right? But, it is important to take the time to improve your business skills.

It's easy to stay up with the trends, to read trade-specific magazines, and learn about the latest trick, shortcut or cool gizmo. But, really investing in your business knowledge takes time, and often, the right environment.

This year, that "right environment" for you just might be the Wedding Merchants Business Academy, or Wedding MBA for short. The annual business convention caters to the needs of a very specific group: wedding professionals. Ours is a constantly changing and evolving industry, and the education offered at Wedding MBA addresses that.

One of our own Preferred Professional Members here at l'Evento, Suz Haire of Studio Brides & Events, has been a regular Wedding MBA attendee for years. She swears by the program, and encourages every event pro to attend as well.

Now in its seventh year, Wedding MBA will be held in Las Vegas, NV, Tuesday, September 21 to Thursday, September 23. This year, invest in you and your business - attend Wedding MBA!