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Hope you didn’t think we forgot about the all-important honeymoon! Last week we gave you some info on non-traditional registry alternatives. We had some interest in the honeymoon registry, so it’s about to have its own blog!

Most honeymoon registries are listed on a couple’s wedding website, with pictures and information about the upcoming getaway. Locally, our own Carmel Travel Company was able to shed some light on the questions surrounding your honeymoon registry. Owner Melisa Keiser says, “I explain to our clients that a honeymoon registry is just like the registry you set up at Macy’s or Target.” The only downside is the percent that goes to the registry service. “Couples have the opportunity to decide if they will be the ones paying the percent or if the gift givers will pay it.” Check out more about Melisa and the Carmel Travel Company at: http://www.carmeltravelcompany.com

Some of the more modern approaches to the honeymoon registry have allowed guests to purchase services or activities for the couple to enjoy while they are away. For example, a couple may list their destination, resort, and a few things they are interested in participating in while honeymooning. A guest can browse the page and purchase any of the listed activities or give a general monetary gift of any amount towards the honeymoon.

Common services and activities to consider including in your honeymoon registry are:
    > Couples massages 
    > Scuba diving 
    > Elegant dining 
    > Private boat, safari, mountain, or city tours 
    > Wine tasting 
    > Spa packages 
    > Extreme sporting adventures 
    > Anything you can think of that the two of you will enjoy!

A great advantage of using an online registry is the ability to keep track of gifts to personalize those Thank-You’s. Be sure to thank your family and friends for allowing you two to partake in activities you may have otherwise gone without during your honeymoon. Those experiences will be with you forever!

Couples may see a honeymoon registry as asking for money, but a few years ago the new sensation of honeymoon registries was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal. "A honeymoon is a perfectly appropriate gift to request," says Peter Post, president of the Emily Post Institute, in Burlington, VT., a well-known etiquette think tank. "There's no objection to it from an etiquette point of view." This actually makes the gift giving process easier, more simplified for wedding guests.


Last week we talked about the history behind traditional bridal registries. This raised some questions about the larger, contribution-style registry ideas out there. Keep reading for more information about some of these ideas and find out how to get what it is you two really want or need.

Some couples have been married before, live together before the wedding, or had the patience to let love find its way to them. These situations can mean a marriage of more than just two people, but two households! What do you do when you’re getting married, but you already have all of the material household things you typically find on a registry?

There are great non-traditional registry options for the couples that already have everything!  Some of the options are to create a honeymoon registry, a charity registry, a home down payment registry, or even a business funding registry. With secure, online registries you won’t have to handle all the envelopes on your wedding day and you can have an account of your gifts and givers to send those Thank-You’s. All of these registry options can help you, as a couple, achieve those big dreams you’re dreaming and have your friends and family to thank.

A charity registry can show your guests what charitable endeavor drives you as new couple, while allowing them to support that passion. Check out the I Do Foundation for more information on giving back, or starting a charity registry: www.idofoundation.org

A down payment registry with registered cash gifts qualify towards the down payment of a house, in accordance with FHA rules. Payments made toward a registry can make the entire process less stressful and more efficient. Be smart! Use a service that pays interest on your gift money and charges low fees for the registry services. We recommend starting with your local banker to explore the options available to you.

If you and your beloved are entrepreneurially inclined, you may be interested in establishing a business funding registry. Kickstarter is an online pledge system for funding creative projects, business ideas, or your next big company purchase. In this particular registry, Kickstarter collects money through Amazon payments and both companies will claim a percentage of the funds raised. On the flip side, they do not claim ownership over the project or work produced by the funds. For more information, or to start your own business venture, visit www.kickstarter.com

These are all great alternatives to establish a goal-setting registry and help the two of you begin with the end in mind. Don’t be afraid to try new things, new ideas, and new registries, but if you’re still unsure, feel free to ask us here at l’Evento for some gift guidance!


If you walk into a store that offers a bridal or wedding registry, some associates are happy to explain their company exchange and return policies and give you a suggested checklist of registry items. Others will simply turn you loose in their store and hope you bring them business! What you’re really there to do is get what you want, right? How did these registries become so extensive in the first place?

Bridal registries were originally started for brides to choose a china pattern and let their guests' generosity work toward completing an entire set. In 1924, when the first bridal registry was made available at Marshall Field’s the bride listed her choices of china, silver, and crystal. Years ago, although there were options for china patterns, there were not many options for your blender, toaster, or kitchen utensils. The bridal registry has now expanded to include the newest options a newlywed couple has to choose from when thinking about their household.

With so many choices for our modern-day bride there are different kinds of registries to suit your wedding, your guests, and your needs. A universal registry is able to compile all of your desired gifts, regardless of which store they are from, in one single list. A contributory registry or contribution registry allows multiple guests to contribute toward the purchase of a single, larger gift for the couple.

So, let’s figure out how to make the most of your registry, regardless of where it originates and how large it becomes. A good rule of thumb is to list two gifts for each guest or party invited to your wedding. Even if they cannot attend, guests will often send a gift. Offering a variety of high-end or costly gifts and balancing these with some that are less expensive gives your guests the freedom to choose, within their personal budgets, what they can get you.

See if this helps you develop a “scanning strategy” when the stores turn you two loose and check back next week to find out what else a registry can do for you!


Martha said it best: “playful yet subtle, highly personalized, yet totally affordable.” Monograms are appearing on everything in weddings these days. From monogrammed invitations, stemware, and cake tiers, this craze continues to fill our hearts and make us smile, right down to the last initial.

Although monogramming has been around for years, it seems to be in places we never thought possible. One idea that has been on the rise is monogrammed cufflinks for him. Not only is it pretty easy for you to create your own cufflinks, but also have the option to have them professionally engraved in a variety of sizes and fonts.

Something for the bride perhaps? The stitching of initials on or inside of the bridal gown is a sweet and simple idea that adds a personal touch to the bridal gown.

Another lovely item that has been around for decades is a monogrammed handkerchief. These are a charming way to catch tears of joy and offer as keepsakes for family members.

Consider adding your monogram to customized labels and add them to specific pieces like neck ties, shawls, or evening gloves.

Not into these ideas? You can still make an impression on your guests by adding  personalizing details to wedding treats like cookies and cupcakes. Whatever your style or theme is for the big day, adding the personal touch of monogramming is a perfect way to capture the eyes of each and every one of your guests.


Here’s a neat new idea for weddings to involve your guests: a spotlight dance with keychain flashlights.

For your first dance, ask your venue to dim the lights and have all of your guests shine the flashlights on the two of you. It’s a spotlight dance that keeps the guests involved with your wedding and a unique idea for a favor!

Buying keychain flashlights that fit your wedding colors make a great souvenir gift to give your guests as favors! You will probably need the power of an LED flashlight so that you have enough strong, clean light beam spotlights to fully illuminate your dance.

There are plenty of options with color, shape, style, and design to find one that fits your wedding and budget. Check out the possibility of getting these imprinted with your names and wedding date as part of the package if you’re willing to order and purchase from a vendor in a bulk quantity. If you can’t fit it in your budget, guests will still be able to appreciate the practicality of the gift, and you will appreciate the memories you’ve created together with your partner, your guests, and your creativity!

The utility of a flashlight will always be something people of all ages can find uses for: in a theater to find your 3D glasses when they end up on the floor, at your front door or car door in the dark to avoid scratching up surfaces with the wrong key, or even to help someone else out when they can’t find something! There are just too many situations when a reliable source of light is a must.

So, be the bride that will continue to get phone calls and thank-you’s for giving your guests the best favor they’ll understand and value!


Are you looking for a creative and attractive way to present favors to your guests or gifts for your attendants, but are also a little enviro-savvy? Then you just might be interested in this new product.

eWrapz offers a new line of fabric gift wrap that can be washed and reused repeatedly, the company says, eliminating the waste associated with conventional gift wrapping paper. The product, ideal for favor boxes and gifts, is available in six sizes and comes with an attached tie—no tape or scissors are needed. Designs include colorful patterns, holiday prints and neutral basics. A "legacy tag" helps track the wrap's path as it is reused.