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Martha said it best: “playful yet subtle, highly personalized, yet totally affordable.” Monograms are appearing on everything in weddings these days. From monogrammed invitations, stemware, and cake tiers, this craze continues to fill our hearts and make us smile, right down to the last initial.

Although monogramming has been around for years, it seems to be in places we never thought possible. One idea that has been on the rise is monogrammed cufflinks for him. Not only is it pretty easy for you to create your own cufflinks, but also have the option to have them professionally engraved in a variety of sizes and fonts.

Something for the bride perhaps? The stitching of initials on or inside of the bridal gown is a sweet and simple idea that adds a personal touch to the bridal gown.

Another lovely item that has been around for decades is a monogrammed handkerchief. These are a charming way to catch tears of joy and offer as keepsakes for family members.

Consider adding your monogram to customized labels and add them to specific pieces like neck ties, shawls, or evening gloves.

Not into these ideas? You can still make an impression on your guests by adding  personalizing details to wedding treats like cookies and cupcakes. Whatever your style or theme is for the big day, adding the personal touch of monogramming is a perfect way to capture the eyes of each and every one of your guests.


Here’s a neat new idea for weddings to involve your guests: a spotlight dance with keychain flashlights.

For your first dance, ask your venue to dim the lights and have all of your guests shine the flashlights on the two of you. It’s a spotlight dance that keeps the guests involved with your wedding and a unique idea for a favor!

Buying keychain flashlights that fit your wedding colors make a great souvenir gift to give your guests as favors! You will probably need the power of an LED flashlight so that you have enough strong, clean light beam spotlights to fully illuminate your dance.

There are plenty of options with color, shape, style, and design to find one that fits your wedding and budget. Check out the possibility of getting these imprinted with your names and wedding date as part of the package if you’re willing to order and purchase from a vendor in a bulk quantity. If you can’t fit it in your budget, guests will still be able to appreciate the practicality of the gift, and you will appreciate the memories you’ve created together with your partner, your guests, and your creativity!

The utility of a flashlight will always be something people of all ages can find uses for: in a theater to find your 3D glasses when they end up on the floor, at your front door or car door in the dark to avoid scratching up surfaces with the wrong key, or even to help someone else out when they can’t find something! There are just too many situations when a reliable source of light is a must.

So, be the bride that will continue to get phone calls and thank-you’s for giving your guests the best favor they’ll understand and value!


Are you looking for a creative and attractive way to present favors to your guests or gifts for your attendants, but are also a little enviro-savvy? Then you just might be interested in this new product.

eWrapz offers a new line of fabric gift wrap that can be washed and reused repeatedly, the company says, eliminating the waste associated with conventional gift wrapping paper. The product, ideal for favor boxes and gifts, is available in six sizes and comes with an attached tie—no tape or scissors are needed. Designs include colorful patterns, holiday prints and neutral basics. A "legacy tag" helps track the wrap's path as it is reused.