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Dessert at D'Amore (photo: B. Ridge)
Today I attended the ISES Indiana luncheon at Indy's newest (and highest) event venue, D'Amore. It's a beautiful space with amazing views, perfect for all kinds of events, especially the bride seeking something new and unique with a modern feel.

The speaker at today's meeting was Tim Lundy, CSEP, owner of Distinctive Design Events in Atlanta, GA and Otto, NC.

He gave us an overview of the current trends in catering and table-top design, and I'd like to share a few of the catering ideas he mentioned with you.
  • Tapas-style/Small-bite hors d'oeuvres & desserts
  • Unique serving methods, plating & presentation
  • Deconstructed salads
  • Uncommon ingredients
  • Pasta
  • Nostalgic foods, including comfort foods & childhood favorites
  • Cupcakes & Candy
  • Colorful cakes
  • Cookies - alongside or instead of the cake
  • Architectural food
When planning your event and consulting with your caterer, consider some unique elements that might easily be brought into your food. Simply by switching a plate, garnish or ingredient, you can take something that is also-ran to WOW! Don't be afraid to get creative and ask!