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Photo: abridalshower.com
The perfect bridal shower can become the best gift the bride and/or groom-to-be receives.  Start off by setting a date and making a guest list. Be sure to check with the bride (or groom and bride’s mother) so the guest or guests of honor don’t get any unexpected “surprises.” 

Planning a themed bridal shower can really turn this event into a party so think about some things that the guest of honor likes.  Some good ideas for women-only showers include Hawaiian Luau, Pajama Party, and Under the Sea. For co-ed showers, some examples are Casino Night, James Bond, and Favorite Movie. For a full out theme party, decoration can really make the difference. Even if it’s a non-theme party, decorations can say a lot. Get lights, remove family portraits, “color” the walls, bring in a fountain: do whatever you can to transform the room. 

Food is another important element that can take the shower up to a high or down to a low.  Though it is not necessary to have extravagant foods, adding a few lemons here and there or creatively arranging the pieces will add a little style.  Playing games is always on the list of to dos and the clothespin game is still a classic.  Even though some games are old, adding a few twists to them can make them “modern.” 

Last but not least, the party favors. They can range from chocolate high heels to music CDs to gift certificates.  But just like everything else listed above, favors should complement the shower or guest of honor.

Check back another time for more ideas on how to plan a bridal shower!

Photo Credit: abridalshower.com